Roy Wilson has been a wedding photographer working from Glasgow for the past 10 years. His style is mainly reportage in nature but often blends candid with more dramatic styles to give a nice mix of styles. Roy started his career using film and reluctantly moved onto digital media when it was introduced at a professional level with the D1. using a mix of the 2 mediums, digital and film Roy was able to creat a unique look to his images. With the grainy atmospheric style of the film photography and the quick response and manipulation tecqniques of digital, which made it more and more capable of capturing quick events. Roys speed is similar to sports photography. quickly capturing emotions and fleeting events without hesitation. Being a wedding photographer in Glasgow. Roy has managed to harness the weather for the best, creating moody atmospheric images when the weather is at its worst and using the rain as a positive feature in his images. Roys portfolio images is available to view online. If you are interested in meeting with Roy for a chat about his work and perhaps viewing more of his work, you can arrange a meeting just down the road from his registered office in Parklands Country Club in Newton Mearns. Wedding photography Glasgow is at its best when Roy is behind the camera in the Glasgow area ! Read reviews online to see how others rate his work. You can read reviews about Roy and other photographers on sites like Freeindex and review center. Roy uses mainly nikon cameras and equipment. Expensive lenses and equipment are very important to use when you are a wedding photographer in Glasgow. You need equipment that can withstand the harsh abuse of weddings and the continual punishment of taking photographs and photos at weddings in and around the Glasgow area. Roy was born in Newton Mearns which is a small village on the south of Glasgow. It has grown in size over the past few years and in the Mearns lives a lots of photographers with big flashy cameras and tripods so big that they will tower high above a camera lens put on its side, if it was a telephoto lens that is. So take a walk in the park with your camera and get snapping at those brides running around in Glasgow parks.